Grouch & Olie Bassweight



Presenting the next release in our Singles Series, a continuance of releases which focuses on spotlighting an Artist/Track and coupling it with a remix, bringing to the table both new artists and Enig’matik regulars, exploring a vast array of genres and environments, as usual, presented in a future fuelled world of microscopic life.

Grouch opens the vaults with the addition of “Entropath” to the Enig’matik Archive, a track showcasing a relationship between depth and groove in production.Grouch & Olie Maintain an essence of groove and subtle lacings of funk, whilst exploring the use of contrast and juxtaposition through different emotive soundscapes.

On remix duties, Whitebear continues to evolve his sound, each new track a testament to the unmistakable talent that this young producer entails. With a pulsing bassline echoing influences from psybient frequencies, the driving,focused feel excellently adds another dimension to the original whilst exploring new aspects and extensions of the core sounds, a definite worthy addition and a certain memorable remix for many listeners.